Digital Predicament on Online Journalism

Set to be working on Online Journalism, also known as Digital Journalism, poses a great challenge to almost everyone attending the 2015 DepEd VisMin Cluster Campus Journalism National Training of Trainers (NTOT) held at Crown Regency Hotel, Davao City. During the setting of expectations, the very first task asked by the able and amiable speaker, Ms. Gemma Bagayaua Mendoza, Head, research & Content Story of a social News network “Rappler”, some declared to be neophyte in the field, others claimed to be knowing only a little and wanted to be enhanced, many were eagerly longing to its technical features, and few uttered that such first-hand information cascaded to them could be thirst- quenching.

As known to be a contemporary form of journalism, where news and other information content are distributed via the internet, Training of Online Journalism seemingly brings about varied predicaments to the participants.  First and foremost, there is that weak and frail signal of internet Connection; thus difficulty in the loading of page or opening of new tab is likewise impatiently experienced. There are cases that icons and characters just popped out, without even the command of the encoder, then ended out with a message, “Sorry, your internet connection is unavailable or terminated”. Many times exasperatingly deep inhale and exhale of participants can be heard, which evidently complemented with the speaker’s soft and tender voice saying, “patience…patience…patience is a virtue…”

Anything new encompasses also new ideas and new apps in the usage of Internet or even merely the desktop of any computer. Obviously, to the novice of the field of Digital Journalism, speed in clicking and browsing is apparent and apprehended. There is always the tendency of being delayed of what to type and what to open; and hence, in worst case, one is already left behind from the others. This scenario may create a mileage of updated information from the speakers down to the participants.

“Online” per se connotes one to be being abreast with everything new in the computer world including the use of new PC, laptop, or netbook. In the advent of using this new and higly-upgraded technological gadget, one may already be alienated of the new applications installed in the computer and makes him very slow to follow the quick and swift instruction and command of the speaker in the training.

It is observed that the bottom cause of any difficulty met in the advent of Online Journalism is not solely on the cascading/gathering of new information, but on the launching of the information on-the-line. The more probable reason of apprehension in the launching of Online Journalism is on the Internet Connectivity.

Undoubtedly, Online Journalism may be introduced and presented in the field of Campus Journalism, particularly in the 2015 National Schools Press Conference (NSPC), with repertoire of apprehensions, dilemma, and even raises quandary debates between and among participants, facilitators, and judges. However, it is hoped that such opposing acts will lead to the progress of Online Journalism and eventually be embraced smoothly as another genre of Campus Journalism.

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