Living in the Digital World

I have had these curious thoughts of the future in my head. What would the world look like a couple of years from now?  IMG_0581

Nowadays, we have a good number of digital and sophisticated electronic gadgets. How much would these things change 20 or 30 years from now?

Not too long ago people used floppy discs, big computers with slow processing capabilities and devices which weren’t that much user friendly. A few years rolled by and BOOM! People are using CDs and DVDs in storing their files, the computers they used became more advanced and had more features in them. There was then the introduction of the cellphone and the iPod.

Again time went on, people innovated and more gadgets were invented. Apple and other companies introduced new kinds of devices and also upgraded their previous inventions. One of which was the laptop, a portable version of the computer which gave people better ways on conducting work and other things on numerous places rather than just at home or at computer stations.

Certainly, we are now living in this digital age. Anywhere you look, you will see people using digitally featured device. You can ask anyone about a cellphone and surely even a “taho” vendor could easily recognize what it is. One would even dare to say that life is incomplete apart from cellphone.IMG_0584

So what does the future of this age hold?  Would these gadgets be modernized even more? These have been speculated by numerous people already. A time where computers and laptops are powered by atoms, fibers or solar light, a time when iPhones and cellphones already follow what we want by the use of voice commands, or even a time where digital holograms, the technology in which data is digitized into a 3-dimensional live image, becomes part of our everyday lives.

Such a thing is possible, because in a digital age, there are unlimited things that can be done. Coding commands and functions of devices, computers and laptops, iPhones and cellphones are only the beginning to an amazing future. Though I have to say that this kind of future is still many years away, I am tempted to think that even I might live short enough to see these digital revolutions.

Yes, our world is turning to a different angle. A stage and a dream that finally came true. Welcome to the world of endless possibilities – the Digital World.IMG_0602

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